Wish it was easier to be consistent with healthy eating and exercise?

You shouldn't have to feel tired all the time or like you can't keep up just because you have kids.

Get nutrition & fitness guidance IN REAL TIME from a supportive expert and a fellow-parent-in-the-trenches.

You deserve to feel better! Join this program and find your health routine that FITS.

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Does this sound familiar?

You make breakfast for the kids and not yourself, so you wind up eating ⅓ of a leftover bagel and 4 bites of discarded smushed fruit. And then you wonder why you have low energy or are starving by lunch time?

You buy all of the groceries and have grand plans to cook them but they wind up sitting in your fridge going bad before you get to them.

You set aside a time chunk to exercise but then all of a sudden the day is over.

You make plans to put yourself first and get "back to normal" with your food or fitness routine but something always seems to come up to throw you off track.

You just want it to feel easier to feel healthy.

The Refresh is for you if:

  • You want to feel good in your own skin.

  • You want solutions that are attainable and sustainable.

  • You are tired of wellness programs that don’t take the challenges of being a parent in to account

  • (i.e. you just can't take another program that expects you to put in 100% effort, 100% of the time. Because let's face it, that's a tough goal for a parent!)

  • Sometimes you feel totally on track and other times you feel stuck, overwhelmed or unmotivated. ​

  • You want to finally have a routine that feels right for you.

  • You want an evidence-based and solution-focused program built by a registered dietitian and fitness specialist who's been doing this work with clients for over 10 years!

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What's included:

Get started today. It's time to make yourself a priority.

  • Bite sized nutrition, fitness or mindset challenges - So that you have something simple to work on each day to improve your energy and mood!

  • 24/7 access to videos, short clips and tips - Never worry about missing a session!

  • Tons of accountability! Get an assigned accountability buddy and/or chat privately with Beth during your own Office Hours session

  • Mini exercise routines - Get your body moving even if you have minimal time, space or equipment.

  • Grocery lists with simple recipe ideas - Reduce your mental load for food shopping!

  • Private Facebook group: Where you can update us on your mini challenges, chat with each other and ask Beth questions, anytime!

  • Weekly group video calls with Beth - Gain the support of a community and get to know others in the same position as you while receiving encouragement and guidance from an expert and fellow parent-in-the-trenches.

  • Optional: Live Zoom fitness classes- So you can quit your other gym memberships!

  • Plus Plan: Virtual personal training sessions - Get more one-on-one time with Beth!

  • Bonus add on: Optional: Individual nutrition counseling - So you can focus on your specific dietary needs.

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Why this program is 6 months long

(And why you need it!)

Pricing options for The Refresh (now a 6 month program!)

** Save your receipt. You may be eligilbe to apply for reimbursement from your HSA**

Basic Plan vs Plus Plan

Still deciding which package to buy?

The Plus plan includes ALL of the resources that you'll get with the Basic Plan plus a Personal training package. Get private workout sessions with Beth 6 times per month. Scheduled at your own convenience! Want to know what's included in the Basic Plan? Click below to learn more!

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Start feeling like a better version of yourself. Why are you putting this off?

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Enrollment Opens November 19-24th.

The next opening will be January 2021.

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